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Tow Company and Roadside Assistance in Williston, North Dakota

You know it is going to happen. Sooner or later, that icy patch and steep shoulder are going to collaborate to put your car in a ditch. This is North Dakota. If you drive, you can count on needing roadside assistance for towing you out of a bad spot or accident towing if circumstances combine to make life a little too exciting. In 2014, there were 16,134 reported traffic accidents in North Dakota. Not all the cars that end up in a ditch and require a tow are included in those statistics, so your odds of needing a helping hand are pretty high.

Many of these accidents involve serious crashes where heavy duty towing or vehicle recovery is required. Premier Towing and Repair is equipped to handle the toughest jobs, including emergency towing and motorcycle towing. A large number of North Dakota accidents take place out on the highways and back roads, at great distances from the nearest repair facility. Premier Towing and Repair is a towing service you can count on for long distance towing as well as in-town hauling.

Premier Towing and Repair understands that as the premier towing company for North Dakota, we have to offer more than just car towing. So we have invested in the equipment that allows us to provide any service required. If you need to tow motorcycles, call us. Broken axle or SUV? We have flatbed towing available. In fact, we can haul everything up to semis. This includes heavy duty towing with our tow tractor.

We take the next step, too, and offer equipment hauling alongside our regular towing service. It is simply that Premier Towing and Repair refuses to be just a tow company. North Dakota has demanding weather and demanding driving conditions. Breakdowns and accidents happen. The average run-of-the-mill towing company is not well-enough equipped to respond when you need help the most. Premier Towing and Repair has the equipment and the expertise to provide basic roadside assistance, jump starts, simple break down towing, responding for a flat tire, or simply hauling you out of an inconvenient ditch. But Premier Towing and Repair is also available for emergency towing on a 24-hour basis. We offer vehicle recovery at fast and affordable rates. Premier Towing and Repair is fully licensed, certified, and insured, so we can even tow fifth wheels and motor homes, classic and custom cars, and we provide transportation for car shows.

Premier Towing and Repair has special equipment for heavy duty towing, including transportation for fork lifts and small tractors. For more complicated loads, we offer stabilization and relocation services. We even do shift loads and provide rollover services.

When you have a problem on North Dakota roads, Help Is On The Way! Just call Premier Towing and Repair - We Git R Dun!

Towing Services

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