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Premier Towing and Repair Services

Affordable Auto Repair and Roadside Assistance in Williston, North Dakota

Premier Towing and Repair is a full service towing and repair shop that has been servicing North Dakota since 2007. Since the beginning, we have set out to be your one-stop towing and service solution and have successfully built both a fully-equipped towing service and a modern auto repair facility.

Premier Towing and Repair starts with Diagnostic services. This tells us precisely where the problem lies and today's cars rely on Computer Diagnostics more than ever, which is why our technicians are certified on all the latest models. Once the problem is identified, our skilled mechanics get right to work. They are fast, but not careless. Every item is checked and double checked to guarantee your vehicle leaves in perfect condition.

We do a full line of repairs, from alignments to replacing fuel pump and filters. Some repairs, like replacing a broken timing belt or replacing hoses, can be done on location, eliminating the need for a tow. But we have found that performing scheduled maintenance at 30, 60, 90, and 120,000 miles often eliminates problem of a sudden breakdown all together. Regular maintenance inspections, like checking power steering parts, head gaskets, and breaks, can head off a myriad of problems. Premier Towing and Repair is there for you even before you call for help.

In our climate, it is not a bad idea to replace belts and hoses on a regular basis. Checking the transmission before and after the winter can catch problems before we have to perform complete transmission replacements. Replacing spark plugs and wires during a scheduled full tune-up just makes sense when the alternative could be a disabled vehicle at a time when the weather is deadly. Cooling system flushes, AC work, and brake repair are all best done before there is a problem than after.

Of course, Premier Towing and Repair is best known for our across-the-board towing service. We are the only towing company in the area that offers wrecker service with direct delivery to our outstanding auto repair shop 24/7. We respond to any typing of tow services call. Where other towing companies are limited to routine calls, Premier Towing and Repair is available for emergency towing, motorcycle towing, and heavy duty towing. Premier Towing and Repair can even accommodate RV and Semi towing.

But it doesn't matter if you just need roadside assistance or long distance towing, help getting out of a ditch or auto repair, truck towing or car hauling, Premier Towing and Repair is right there with the right tow truck for the job. When you call Premier Towing and Repair, you can bet that Help Is On The Way! And you can rest easy. Just ask anyone- We Git R Dun!

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