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Local Mechanic and Automotive Maintenance in Williston, North Dakota

With a name like Premier Towing and Repair you might think our emphasis is on towing. While we do offer the most expansive and comprehensive towing service in the state, Premier Towing and Repair is also your best choice for auto repair service.

At Premier Towing and Repair we understand that the work only begins with the towing. In most cases, we are asked to tow a disabled vehicle to our client’s house or an auto repair shop. If towed to their house that usually means another tow to an auto repair facility. It saves time and money to have your vehicle towed directly to Premier Towing and Repair. We can make that delivery 24 hours a day and begin repair work without unnecessary delays.

When it comes to local mechanics, Premier Towing and Repair offers the most comprehensive service at the best prices. During the summer, we have numerous requests for radiator replacement. No one beats Premier Towing and Repair’s radiator shop when it comes time to replace radiator parts or an entire unit. Radiators take a lot of punishment in the winter months and often fail during the summer. A poorly performing radiator means big problems and can lead to a full engine replacement if repairs are delayed or poorly done.

While Premier Towing and Repair is happy to replace your engine, or perform any engine repair work necessary, we would rather keep you on the road with a full auto tune up. We will take walk-ins (or tow-ins) or schedule vehicle maintenance so you do not run into problems. Our shop is fully equipped, so Premier Towing and Repair can easily complete performance modifications on most cars and trucks as well as routine or collision repairs.

Next to radiators, Premier Towing and Repair is often called on for transmission replacement in both passenger cars and larger vehicles. It can be costly to replace transmission parts or rebuild transmissions, so Premier Towing and Repair goes out of the way to make sure our work is done right, fast, and at a reasonable price. We are happy to see you in our shop, but not for a problem we have already fixed!

Because of our slip-slide road conditions during the winter, Premier Towing and Repair sees a big demand for axle repair. This is often custom work and must meet exacting standards for safety and reliability considerations. We do axle repair right, fast, and at a reasonable price. Premier Towing and Repair is also fully certified to complete any power steering issues that may have arisen from axle damage or wear.

When you have a problem with a North Dakota vehicle, help is on the way! Just call Premier Towing and Repair - We Git R Dun!

Premier Towing and Repair is a member of the North Dakota Tow Association. All our Drivers are Certified, Fully Licensed, and Insured. We only hire Mechanics who are fully certified, too.

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